Should the age of my surgeon (he is over 70 now) be a concern when having repeat eyelid surgery after 3 years?


I had upper eyelid plastic surgery three years ago.  However, the results did not last long and my eyes have returned to their original state.  I am considering redoing the surgery but using the traditional method instead.  I am concerned about my surgeon's age - although he is a very experienced surgeon he is now over 70 years old.  Since the eyelid surgery is a very sophisticated procedure, I am worried whether he will be "OK" to carry out the surgery again.  Your opinion would be appreciated.


There is chronological age and physiological age. I have patients in their 70's and 80's that are as active and intelligent as they were when they were 50. We also have patients that are 50 and act like they are 80. I am sure if your surgeon is a member of the ASAPS he has kept up with required training and CME.

Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


There are really two questions about your redo upper eyelid surgery by an older plastic surgeon. The first is why are you having to redo your upper blepharoplasty so quickly? Your statement about doing it this time with traditional method only further confuses the problem. Without knowing how the procedure was done the first time and what the traditional method you mentioned is, it is impossible to give any specific advice about the procedure. The most common reason that an upper eyelid lift recurs is that the brow is (and was) the problem. If so, then what you may now need is a brow lift, not a repeat upper blepharoplasty. As far as the age of the surgeon, that should not be a problem if he has the experience to determine exactly what you need and does these procedures frequently. You can determine some of this by looking at before and after photos of other people like you who have been done recently.

R. T. Buchanan, MD

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