What's the best alternative cure for discoloration of my nose?


I had a silicone injection nose lift about 15 yrs ago. I've noticed a blue discoloration of my nose. It looks like a hematoma and sometimes I experience head aches. What's the best alternative cure for discoloration of my nose?




 I am really sorry to hear you had silicone injected into your nose/ face. The silicone typically with time produces a reaction with your body called a granuloma or a foreign body reaction. To get ride of it your surgeon may have to excise or remove all the scaring and silicone or the process can recur. This could result in a significant defect in your nose that could require reconstructive or resorative surgery. Wish I had better news for you. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


I agree with Dr. Culbertson.  Without examining you I cannot be sure, but the discoloration is often the silicone showing through the skin circulation of the nose, giving a bluish tint.  Remember, though, that the silicone is there for a reason:  to avoid a deformity from just removing the implant, you and your surgeon must be prepared to replace the silicone with a rib graft.  This is an excellent solution, but you must see a surgeon who is experienced in that type of reconstruction--one who can show you good results and whom you trust.

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