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Approximately how much surgical time is necessary for liposuction of the flanks?


I wanted to know approximately how long the surgery takes to liposuction the flanks. Also, I wanted to know where are the incisions made on the body in order to perform liposuction of the flanks. Thank you


Liposuction of the flanks takes an hour or two, depending on exactly what needs to be removed. The incisions are very short and placed as inconspicuously as possible but where all the area of concern can be reached. Also, there needs to be at least two for each area since they need to be at 90 degrees to reduce the risk of irregularities.


It depends on the technique of the surgeon.  I use general anesthesia and turn the patient from side to side. The cost would be about 4500 dollars and take about 2 hours.Good luck


It can take upto two hours if done under general anasthesia & about one hour if done under local anasthesia.At least two incisions may be needed for each side & these can be hidden in the bikini line.

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