I want another baby, Should I wait to have a breast reduction till after the 3rd one?


I am a mom of two boys and in 2 years would like to have another child. I am 5 foot even, 110 pounds with a a bra size of 38 DDD. I am in pain all the time, especially after holding my children. I desperately want a breast reduction now, but am not sure if I should wait till after my last baby? I am not breastfeeding because both nipples are inverted, too difficult to feed, in case that may be a factor.


Breast reduction before having all your children can be reasonable, especially if you are not planning to breast feed as you plan. If, with the last two pregnancies, you had significant enlargement of the breasts, a reduction is probably nor reasonable. However, if you had minimal enlargement and they involuted without shrinking significantly (very probable since they are as large as they are) after delivery, then you could probably proceed with a breast reduction. This would give you 2 more years of comfort. The only risk is that the breast changes with the pregnancy and you may need a revision. See a plastic surgeon with significant experience and ask his/her opinion.


Having a breast reduction before getting pregnant again may not be your best aesthetic result, as most pregnancy's end up enlarging the breast and then after pregnancy the breast's get smaller.  This would leave your skin more stretched out.  You are the one who is living with the pain, which makes this hard to answer for you.  But for the best cosmetic result, you would not like to have large swings in size after the breast reduction.  Good luck.

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