How bad will the scarring be from Breast Reduction surgery?


I have a healthy BMI at 5'6" and 120 pounds but my breasts, at a 30 G cup, are way out of proportion with my body.  However, I am concerned about scarring from a breast reduction.  I have fair skin with a slightly pink tint.  I don't have any scars at the moment, except for a few stretch marks that have faded to a light color on my hips and my breasts.  So I don't know how badly my skin will scar.  From your experience, does fair skin scar less than other skin types?


Scarring from breast reduction varies with the method of closure and your inherent ability to heal. Usually, however, with good closure technique using long lasting buried sutures, you get good scars. If the scar widens due to your tissues, it is usually the vertical scar under the breast and it is generally inconspicuous.

R. T. Buchanan, MD

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