Bariatric, especially abdominal pannus


I am investigating for my son who has primary lymphedema tarda arrested after bandaging and compression. He has lost 250 lbs after gastric by-pass surgery. He has significant abdominal hanging skin and much other hanging skin. Can you recommend a center/surgeon who has experience with patients with lymphedema? He is medically stable but needs to get the skin off to avoid cellulitis complications.



 Primary Lymphedma tarda is indeed a difficult condition to deal with over the course of a lifetime. The key will be to not worsen your sons condition by having a panniculectomy. Often pre operative Lymphcinematograhy can be helpful to address how his body is draining the lower extremity lymphatics. 

 Surgeons who perform surgery on the Lymphatic system are a bit rare. Since, you are in NC may I suggest you start with the Duke Health care sysytem ( ). Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS

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