Can I have my belly fat injected into my breasts?


I'm a 34B cup and I want to go up one cup more.  I don't even fill the present cup the way I want to.  I'm trying to look as natural as possible.  I have some fat in the abdomen.  Can I have my own abdominal fat injected into my breasts?


Yes, fat grafting to the breast can be done and yes, abdominal fat is a common donor site. Often surgeons will combine the fat grafting to the breast with the BRAVA system (


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Yes, in fact you sound like the ideal candidate for this procedure. I say this because the fat grafting technique is useful for small to modest augmentations. Abdominal fat is an excellent donor site and you will have the cosmetic benefits of contouring the abdomen while enhancing the size of your breasts. See a board certified plastic surgeon to evaluate you and help you make the decision which is right for you.

R. W. Kessler, MD


Thank you for your question. Yes fat grafting to the breasts is an excellent procedure for a natural augmentation. You do not state your height and weight and without this information and/or photo it is difficult to guestimate how much fat you have for this purpose. I usually harvest fat from all over the body, especially if the person does not have a lot of fat in one area. One cup size increase is normally achievable with one surgery. There are different techniques (using the BRAVA external expander or serial grafting). Also, about 60-65% of the injected fat volume will stay long term. See a board certified plastic surgeon who is well trained in this technique. Good luck.

G. Marosan, MD


Fat Injections in the Breast

In selected cases, one can either supplement breast augmentation or breast asymmetry with addition of fat for shaping and contouring in addition to implants. As a stand alone procedure, one cannot usually get more than one size change with fat augmentation. This can be done safely in the hands of someone with expertise and experience in doing fat augmentation.

R. J. Rohrich, MD

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