Would a Binelli Breast Lift be the best option for 600cc implants or would the Lollipop be better?


Which would be the best option for 600 cc implants - the Binelli lift or the Lollipop? 


The choice for a breast lift procedure would depend on the skin envelope, quality, quantity and degree of breast ptosis. When a large implant such as 600cc is used, it will require a lot of support.

An in-person examination is best to give you good advice.

S.F. Shureih, MD


Neither is a good option. Doing augmentation and breast lift together can be very complex and no plastic surgeon should ever (in my opinion) do an implant that large with a lift. The two procedures fight against each other. One adds volume to the breast and takes up the extra slack in the skin and the other tightens the skin. After about 300 - 350 cc at the most, doing a breast lift at the same time is very high risk of wound breakdown, nipple perfusion and necrosis problems, and even implant malposition and extrusion. The textbook answer to your quesiton is to stage the procedures if you desire such a large implant. If you want to be more modest with the implant size then it may be able to be done SAFELY in a single procedure. Staging is not a big deal and one typically does the augmentation first and follows with the breast lift somewhere between 6-12 weeks afterwards. And any breast lift in my opinion needs to have the transverse component (full anchor incision) to have the right shape. I have done research on Binelli lift with augmentations, and in patients that averaged 450 cc implants with a Binelli lift had almost a 60 percent risk of complications. With a 600 cc implant, this would be even higher. I hope this helps.


James F. Boynton, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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