Can I have a third blepharoplasty done at the age of 79?


I had my first blepharoplasty done at age 45, and the second one three years go.  My eyelids are now sagging again.  Is it advisable to have a third procedure done now at age 79?


Blepharoplasty can be repeated; however, doing so only three years after the last is highly unusual. A direct examination and review of the last operative report to see why you are having recurrent problems this quickly would be required to answer your question as to the advisability of doing a repeat eyelid lift. Return to the surgeon who did the last procedure and ask why it has not lasted longer, or seek another opinion from a Board certified plastic surgeon who does blepharoplasty as a major part of their practice.

R.T. Buchanan, MD


Tertiary Blepharoplasty at Age 79 – One has to be very cautious at this age doing a blepharoplasty, especially because everyone has dry eyes at this age. If you are going to do a blepharoplasty, one needs to be very conservative to preserve globe function and to not exacerbate dry eyes.


A direct exam would be needed to see why you may need a repeat procedure so soon after your last surgery.  It may be you need a brow lift instead of a repeat upper eye lift.  Additional eye lid surgery may worsen dry eye symptoms, which everyone has to some degree as we age.  It can't hurt to have a second opinion with a board certified plastic surgeon to be sure all bases are covered.

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