Is my BMI too high for a tummy tuck and breast lift?


I am 4 '11 feet tall and 150 lbs. I have had a c section and can not seem to lose weight in my lower stomach after 5 years. Is my BMI still too high for a tummy tuck and breast lift?


Your calculated BMI is 30. Although your ideal weight should be lower than 150, your BMI is not too high to safely perform a breast lift and abdominoplasty. Each accredited surgical center should have a policy as what the maximum BMI should be to perform specific procedures. At our facility, the cut off is a BMI of 40. 


Your BMI is not too high for a tummy tuck or breast lift. However, as the BMI rises the incidence of complications increase. Ideally having a BMI less than 30 yields the lowest risk of complications.

Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon with significant experience in body contouring surgery to evaluate you and discuss your options.

Good luck and I hope this was helpful.

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