Botox under the eyes, how long will it last?


I am a mess; I had Botox under my eyes and I hate the results. When I smile it looks like I am in pain and grimacing. How long does Botox take to start wearing off? I am getting married 10 weeks after the injections, will some of the effects go away? Please advise


Dear Krista,

I am sorry for the situation you are in. This happened because of the effect of the botox on a muscle called zygomaticus that affects the way we smile. Basically, this muscle is now weak and that is why you feel that you need to over express while smiling. Fortunately, this effect is not permanent and will diminish with time. I hope it will be away by the time your wedding is close but this will depend on the amount of botox injected, the original muscle mass that you have, and how much expressive you are in your daily life. I hope this single bad experience will not affect your future use of botox as now you know that you don't like botox in that area, at least in large amounts. In order to make sure this experience does not get repeated you can consult with an ASAPS member for your future treatments.

Best of luck and congratulations for your marriage.

Shady Hayek, M.D.

Shady Hayek, M.D.


It will take four months to dissappear the effect.

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