Botox for frown lines and Bells Palsy/facial paralysis history


Is Botox safe to be used to smooth frown lines if I had Bells Palsy once and facial paralysis on one side as well? How about Radiesse on my cheekbone area as well?



 The short answer is Yes & Yes. Botox is a paralyzing agent. When utilized it is injected in the Non-Affected/ Non-Paralyzed side. It can cause decreased function and much less spasticity. This could result in a very flaccid facial appearance. Please consider a member of the ASAPS for this technically challenging procedure. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Yes, Botox is safe to be used to smooth frown lines after Bell's Palsy. It is also safe if you have a facial paralysis on one side. In fact, it is indicated for this diagnosis to weaken the muscles on the non-paralized side to try and make the two sides more similar. Radiesse is also helpful for this.   try and make the two sides more similar.


Botox & Bells Palsy – To use Botox to provide symmetry on both the normal and the effected side the Botox injection must be based upon a careful analysis of what has caused the asymmetry. Radiesse is also fine to place on the cheekbone for facial shaping and symmetry as well.

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