Can Botox be injected between my brows where silicone was injected about 30 years ago?


I had a silicone injection between my brows about thirty years ago.  I had initial swelling and the doctor had to treat it with steroids to help the swelling go down.  With time, the depression between the brows has come back.  Would it be possible to have Botox injected in the same area without the fear of a reaction?


The long term consequences of silicone injections are not typically very good.  The procedure you had so many years ago places you at an increased risk for reactions to fillers.  Botox will probably be OK as it dissipates rapidly with time.



Gary R. Culbertson, MD, FACS


You should have no problem with injection of Botox into an area of previous Silicone injection as long as the surgeon is careful and makes sure the injection is into the muscle.  This should be no problem, as it sounds as if the Silicone was injected superficially and the muscle is deeper.

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