Will I have to stop BTX (Botox) injections before getting a facelift and getting my...


Will I have to stop BTX (Botox) injections before getting a facelift and getting my eyelids done? If yes, how long before? I get BTX above my nose and at the corners of both eyes and lips.


Since BTX does not produce atrophy of the muscle, merely inactivity/weakness of the muscle, it should not interfere with proceeding with either a facelift or blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Obviously, as BTX wears off, those muscles will become active and the wrinkles will reappear. The exception is if a brow lift is performed in which case the frown lines may remain less prominent.



Botox relaxes facial musculature and helps reduces "expendable" facial wrinkles.  If you are having surgery that directly affects the muscle groups, then you should wait for the Botox to wear off before the procedure.  A brow lift operation addresses forehead wrinkles, glabellar lines, and eyebrow position.  As BTX injections in the forehead, glabella, and crow's feet affect all of these regions, I'd advise you to let the Botox wear off before you have your assessment, photos, and surgery if you are undergoing a brow lift.  Although there are obicularis weakening procedures (that help with the crow's feet) which can be performed as part of a facelift, these are not common, and it should be OK to undergo a facelift and blepharoplasty while BTX is still active.  Since all patients are different and there are many intricacies of these procedures, it is best to discuss these specific issues with the surgeon performing your surgery to decide what is most appropriate in your individual circumstance.


Stopping Botox Before Facelift – It is ideal to stop Botox about 3 months before proceeding with cosmetic surgery, if possible. However, it is not a problem to proceed with your eyelid or brow surgery even with your Botox in place.

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