Can Botox injections help alleviate blushing (from anxiety)?


I suffer from social phobia and would like to know if Botox injections can help with blushing.  I've heard that it is effective and that the injections go into the skin, not the muscles.  Is this true and how effective is it?  How many injections would be needed?


This is a new use for Botox that I have not heard before.  However I think the basis for it is similar to treating hyperhydrosis.  It is possible it can work,

Think of treating your phobia, with a good psychiatrist.


No, Botox to the best of my knowledge does not help with blushing.  Blushing can be a response to environmental stimulation, drugs and many common foods and drinks.  I also blush with the consumption of alcohol.  It is a family trait.  If you can adapt and overcome through accommodation (i.e. I try not to drink alcohol.  It makes make sick anyway.  I'm just a tea totaler.). 



Gary R. Culbertson, MD FACS


Botox will not help with blushing. But, there is a treatment that can be helpful. The V-Beam laser is a pulsed dye laser that helps with spider veins of the face and rosacea. often, people with rosacea with experience significant flushing when they experience hot, cold, drinking red wine, or even blushing from embarrassment.  Of course, no laser treatment will improve an anxiety disorder, but if blushing contributes to your anxiety, perhaps this this might help.

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