Is Botox safe while breastfeeding?


Is Botox safe while breastfeeding? I've always waited until I've weaned my children but, I'm interested in getting for cosmetic purposes again and was wondering if I should continue to wait.


 Botox injections could safely be performed in breast feeding patients. The injections are a local phenomena and usually have very little systemic effect in the vast majority of patients. However, the package insert/ drug information for Botox, while giving the usual "it is not known if Botox is excreted in human milk" does give off a pretty stern warning about its use in pregnancy. Therefore, because of the medical-legal risk most practioners are most likely going to advise you to stop breast feeding before a Botox treatment. Best,



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Botox Safety and Breastfeeding – I do not recommend doing Botox while breastfeeding. One would run the risk of your baby having some problems if you continued using Botox while breastfeeding. 

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