Is it right to get a breast aug. with 500cc implants without a lift, when I am already a DD cup with saggy breasts?


I have saggy breasts, am already a DD cup,  and I am getting 500cc implants without a lift.  I am concerned if this is the right thing to do as I do not want my breasts to be huge.  Please advise.


My personal opinion:

Large implants do not replace the need for a breast lift.  Your concerns are right!



Because breast implants by definition make the breasts larger, there is a risk of worsening the sagging over time when they are used in breasts that are already large.  I believe this often applies to smaller breasts too.  Trying to correct sagging with implants is not usually a good idea.  One exception is breasts that have deflated after breast feeding, but this would apply when the skin envelope is loose, not true sagging.

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Adding 500 cc breast implants to DD size breasts, whether saggy or not, in my opinion, is a huge mistake.  This is especially true since you "do not want to be huge."  Even with a lift, the sagging will recur.  Also, I have never seen a woman happy for very long with that large a breast.  My advice to you, with saggy DD breasts, if you want large breasts, just do a lift.  If you do decide to add the implant, you will need a lift no matter how large the implant.


If your nipples are below your inframammary fold, it is generally accepted that a breast lift will be needed to provide a satisfactory appearance.  Augmenting saggy, large breasts will only create larger, saggy breasts (the rock in the sock look).  You should discuss this further with your surgeon and if he/she is not an ASAPS member or Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, I would suggest you get a second opinion.


It depends on what you want your final result to be. 500cc implants added to sagging DD breasts will leave you with slightly less sagging DDD or E cup breasts.  However, if you are looking to be the same size or slightly smaller but firmer and more projecting, you may want to consider a lift (mastopexy) or small reduction instead.  No implants are necessary for this approach.  Talk it over with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

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