Is breast augmentation through the areola good or bad?


I've already have implants via a procedure that went through my nipple: if I redid them and went bigger can it be done this way again?


My favorite surgical incision for breast augmentation is through a peri areolar (around the bottom half of the colored portion of the areola). I find this gives a much better and less noticeable scar than the infra mammary incision. The trans auxiliary is reserved for sub muscular implantation. It is surprising how big an implant that can be placed through a peri areolar incision so I am sure your new bigger implants can be inserted through this incision. It helps to use a Keller Funnel.


The incision for replacement with bigger implants will depend on the size of implant that you want. It would be preferable to use the same areolar incision. However if you are going much larger-eg 500cc or greater an inframammary incision may be necessary.

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