If I get a breast augmentation using fat transfer, when I exercise will they disappear?


I want to get liposuction and breast augmentation using fat transfer. I have a very slow metabolism & eat very healthy so after surgery I want to do 3 hours of cardio a day to keep the weight off and my metabolism high.  I am scared I will lose fat from my breasts as they're the only areas with fat that are most prone to weight loss. Should I just get a smaller breast size originally because I will have no fat to replace them and I don't want implants?


Fat transfer from one area to another can lose and gain weight as the rest of the body does. Discuss this issue with your plastic surgeon.



Thank you for your question.  You should be aware that once the ftransferred fat develops its blood supply it will act like fat in the other areas of your body.  This means that if you diet and exercise to lose fat, there is a risk that the transferred fat will be affected.

Be sure to address this question to the plastic surgeon who you choose to consult for fat transfer to the breast.

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