I have had reconstruction of the breast due to breast cancer.  My implant keeps...


I have had reconstruction of the breast due to breast cancer.  My implant keeps dropping and sliding around, and I also have pain.  Is this normal? I wear a good support bra.  Please advise as to what I can do to alleviate the pain and to stop the implant from sliding around?


Any time you have an implant, the implant needs maintenance.

Get another opinion from a plastic surgeon.  There are many ways to stabilize the pocket now.  Using Alloderm, muscle flaps or a combination of both can minimize these risks.

The pain you are experiencing has to be looked into and the reason for it must be determined. Without your complete history and an examination, it is difficult to tell.


It would be helpful to know a few more details, but it sounds like you would benefit from having a graft of a material called "acellular dermal matrix," the most common one being a product called Alloderm.  This is used commonly in reconstruction now to make a sort of internal bra to support the implant.

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The pocket that the implant is sitting in is probably larger than the implant making the implant shift in the space.  A revision surgery would help reduce the size of the space and hold the implant in position better.

Susan Vasko, MD, FACS


If the implants keep dropping, what has been done to correct this in the past?  There are multiple factors in play in breast reconstruction with implants.  They include but are not limited to the patient's skin and soft tissues, the placement of the device and the device itself.  Please see your Plastic Surgeon or another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for another opinion.


It seems that your breast reconstruction implant pocket is bigger then the implant. I would recommend that you see your surgeon and discuss with him/her the possibility of replacing the implants with textured gel implants and also doing a reduction of the pocket size with what we call a capsulorphy or neopocket. 


It is NOT normal to have these symptoms after Breast Reconstruction.

Consult another BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON for another opinion. You should be very comfortable with your reconstruction.

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