I know after breast augmentation, you should wear loose fitting shirts (button down)...


I know after breast augmentation, you should wear loose fitting shirts (button down). For how long should this be done?


 Different plastic surgeons will have different attitudes or approaches to postoperative care after breast augmentation. 

My approach is to treat the procedure somewhat like an orthopedic implant procedure. The first week should be taken off from significant activity and the operative bra is used as a splint to protect the breast and keep the implant in the proper position for healing. The second week can be more relaxed for activity but the bra is still used for support and protection.  After two weeks, the implant should be healed in place and the patient should resume normal activity including what to wear, positioning, and arm use. Massage or conditioning of the breast can be started to help speed up the resolution.  I don't feel there is any need to restrict clothing or activity after two weeks. 

Scott Replogle, M.D., FACS
Boulder, CO


This should be done until you are comfortable to wear anything you want, without strenuous activity of your arms.  After three weeks you may resume normal activity.  Check with your plastic surgeon and follow his/her advice.


Loose fitting clothing after surgery is usually a matter of choice.  Many augmentation patients choose loose clothes to "camouflage" their early surgery changes until they are ready to "unveil" their new profile.  After augmentation, one of the most important issues is to maintain good breast support (but no underwires).


This restriction is only necessary in the first weeks of healing while it is uncomfortable to raise your arms above your head.  Once the discomfort resolves there is no reason to continue limiting your wardrobe.

I will ask my patients to avoid an underwire bra for the first 4-6 weeks after surgery but that is the only garment restriction lasting beyond the immediate operative experience.


The only way this will affect your recovery is to make it easier to get dressed.  Unless your plastic surgeon has told you otherwise, I would say you can progress to your regular clothes as you see fit.

Take care.

Dr. Edwards


Each person differs in the recommendations for post-operative instructions. In general, it truly depends on the laxity of the soft tissue envelope and the tendency for the breasts to "settle."  While firm hard implants are a common concern discussed in the literature, quite often the opposite is true and the breasts are too supple and the implants bottom out or have a tendency to spread laterally especially when lying down.  In the former situation, the surgeon may recommend long term wearing of loose bras whereas in the latter condition the use of supportive structured bras may be instituted within 3-4 weeks after surgery.  It is common to recommend implant displacement exercises (breast massage) for mobility of the implants, minimize capsular contracture and promote descent of the initially high riding implants. I am including a video discussing these exercises. www.youtube.com/watch


Most patients are comfortable wearing loosefitting shirts or sweatshirt's for the first 4-5 days after breast augmentation.  However your plastic surgeon will give you specific advice as to clothing you should wear after your breast augmentation.  Many surgeons have you wear a surgical bra for the first few days but some heavy ago bra this early after the procedure.  The main point is for you to be comfortable and loosefitting shirts are often the most comfortable after breast augmentation during the first week or 2.

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