I had breast augmentation over a year ago. I have some bottoming out in my right...


I had breast augmentation over a year ago. I have some bottoming out in my right breast. I have gone online and determined that this is not the worst case of bottoming out that I have seen. I do however have pain and discomfort in this breast? I can't go without wearing a bra - if I do the pain gets worse and the implant feels very heavy and uncomfortable. What do you advise?


You need to see your Plastic Surgeon for a complete examination.  The pain you are experiencing COULD be due to bottoming out and the size of the implant putting pressure on the lower part of the breast.  There could however be other reasons.  Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to tell you.

If there is bottoming out, it will not get better by itself.  You will need surgery to fix the inframammary line. If the implant is large, then reconsider the size because of the possibility of bottoming out, or implant displacement as the size of the implant gets bigger.



How large are your breast implants?  Heavy implants may also cause discomfort, regardless of whether bottoming out is present.  If your left breast is also uncomfortable without the bra, I suspect that the weight of the implant may be part of the problem.  Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon to have a proper assessment.

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Bottoming out is more common with vary large breast implants due to their weight and the need to lower the breast fold to accommodate their larger base diameter. 

You may need to have revision of the infra-mammary fold.

There are multiple possible reasons for your breast discomfort.

I suggest  you consult with your plastic surgeon for a consultation where you can be examined and have a thorough discussion of the concern and your treatment options.

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True bottoming out of the breast implant can be corrected with a surgical procedure can cause an internal capsulorrhaphy which tightens the breast implant pocket and lifts the breast implant.  Please see her plastic surgeon for an examination and discussion as to whether you should have a corrective procedure.


Bottoming out is a condition that occurs due to large implants,poor skin quality, or possibly over resection of the breast pocket.  You need a good exam to determine the source of the pain.  This condition can be treated with surgery and raising the breast implant pocket.  Surgery may not correct the pain, however, so all aspects must be discussed. Good Luck.

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