I am 19 years old. I barely fill an A cup. I was reading somewhere that if there is...


I am 19 years old. I barely fill an A cup. I was reading somewhere that if there is little or no breast tissue, the breasts will have the appearance of "round balls" when you have breast enlargement surgery done. Is this true? If so, would it be possible for the Brava system to help me and exactly what does this do?


When considering augmentation of the breasts, it is vital that the breast implant chosen is the appropriate size for the anatomy of the breast and the chest wall. The preoperative planning of the augmentation is therefore critical. If an implant is chosen that is the proper size for the individual, there should be no reason to have a "round ball” appearance.

I have previously used the Brava device in many patients and do not feel that it provides either adequate or predictable results and would not recommend its use. The system uses a vacuum cup device that is worn 8-12 hours each day by the patient to create expansion of the breast tissues over a period of approximately 3 months. Unfortunately the results are frequently much less than the patient desires, and many of these patients ultimately proceed to have a surgical augmentation of their breasts. Breast augmentation is a safe surgical procedure that can provide excellent results when performed by a skilled, well trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.


In a very thin patient's with little breast tissue a sub-muscular breast augmentation which places the breast implant beneath the chest muscle can provide additional coverage for the breast implant and help avoid the "round ball" appearance.

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