My areolas are way too large. Can the size of the areolas be changed; if so, can it...


My areolas are way too large. Can the size of the areolas be changed; if so, can it be done during the breast augmentation procedure?


Yes, the areolar diameter can be made smaller at the time of augmentation by removing a doughnut shape of the dark skin from the outside of the areola. This does not affect sensation. While the size will be smaller the areola has more of a stuck-on look because the edge no longer blends softly with the surrounding skin but instead there is a sharp demarcation at the junction between the dark and light skin. Because of this, diameters up to 5 centimeters are acceptable and should probably not be made smaller. A portion of the incision around the areola is used to put the implant in.


Yes, the size of your areolas can be reduced. It is actually fairly common to provide and areola reduction during a breast surgery, particularly to women who have had pregnancies and have breast fed children


And areola reduction is certainly possible and can be done during your breast augmentation surgery.

However one concern about combining these procedures is that the pressure of the implant can cause the scars around the areola to spread and widen.  One reasonable solution is to have your breast augmentation first, allow healing to occur and allow the expansion of the areola by the breast implant to occur and have the areola reduction later after 6 months.

If you choose to have the procedure combined be careful to choose implants that are not too large.  Very large implants tend to make the scars of the areola reduction wider.

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