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I have a history of breast lumps that keep reoccurring in the past five years. These...


I have a history of breast lumps that keep reoccurring in the past five years. These lumps are fibroadenomas and have all been benign. I want to have breast implants to correct the disparity in size of my breasts and to make them symmetrical. Can I consider breast augmentation even though I’ve had these lumps? I am very self-conscious regarding the difference in size of my breasts and would really like to correct this problem. Please advise.


The short answer is "yes" - you certainly can have breast enhancement surgery to improve breast symmetry. You should understand that this surgery will not reduce any further issues with your fibroadenomas, and in certain situations may make them more symptomatic (i.e. more prominent, or more painful) - it is difficult to comment on that aspect without examining the patient directly.

I would caution you that precise symmetry (i.e., making both breasts exactly identical) is probably too lofty of a goal: all women have some degree of asymmetry of their breasts. One final note: depending on the degree of size disparity between your breasts, your surgeon may suggest augmenting both breasts (although with different sized implants) - this may be an attractive option to you anyway if you would like to increase your overall breast size at the same time as improving symmetry.


It is possible to have breast implants even though you have fibroadenomas. However I would suggest that you discuss this with your breast surgeon and take into account any family history of breast cancer before making a decision. You will likely need biopsies in the future so placement of the implant beneath the chest muscle is important.

Symmetry often requires a breast lift on the larger lower breast and different sized breast implants.

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