I have stretch marks on my breasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am...


I have stretch marks on my breasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. I am interested in having breast augmentation because I am very small chested, about a 34A/AA. Is there any way to get rid of the stretch marks on my breasts – will the implants help to make the stretch marks fade or will they make them look worse?


Stretch marks are actually scars within the skin....the result of broken elastic fibers. There is no treatment available to remove those stretch marks without removing the skin itself. Stretch marks which are initially red will usually fade and whiten with time, and become progressively less noticeable. Sometimes the appearance of persistently erythematous (red) stretch marks can be improved with lasers used to lighten them, and there are other "light-based" treatments that claim to improve (but never remove) obvious stretch marks.

Breast implants, by re-stretching the skin, will usually make stretch marks appear far less obvious....not worse. But one word of caution - stretch marks indicate a loss of skin elasticity and support. Too large an implant may place too great a stress on that already damaged skin, and may accelerate skin thinning and breast sagging, so it's important to carefully discuss with your board certified plastic surgeon what implant and procedure would be best for you.


Breast implants can cause stretch marks in people who are susceptible to the formation of stretch marks.

There is a specific laser technique to improve stretch marks using non-ablative fractional erbium laser resurfacing.

If you do decide to have breast implants then implants smaller than 350 cc would possibly reduce the risk of further stretch marks.

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