Breast extrusion


I'm having surgery to remove a capsular contracture and replace my implants (they're 8 years old) on January 14th. In the last week my implant on the cc side has bottomed out and I have a blue window with my implant looking like it's extruding. This has happened really fast and gone from bad to worse in a weeks time. My concern is that I won't be able to make it to my surgery date without the implant coming out. How fast can an extrusion happen?


You would need to see your plastic surgeon for a definitive answer to your question, and it would obviously be best to do this right away. With a capsulectomy for contracture and thinning of the tissue over the implant as you describe, use of an acellular dermal matrix such as Strattice or Alloderm might be considered to add coverage and provide some protection against recurrence of the contracture.

Richard A. Baxter, M.D.
Mountlake Terrace, WA


Thank you for your question.  I agree it is important that you see your plastic surgeon right away.  Be sure to also discussed with your surgeon the possibility that acellular dermal matrix will be placed over your replacement implant and optimally a textured implant is the best choice to prevent capsular contraction from occurring again.

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