Could I have a breast implant infection from a breast augmentation procedure four months ago?


Four months ago I had a breast reduction, lift & augmentation with saline implants.  Two days ago I noticed a hard lump next to my areola and it hurt when I touched it.   Today it still hurts, but is softer, red, and almost squishy like there is liquid inside.  I also have an abscess in the same area from the incision below it.  Could this be from the abscess?  Could I have a breast implant infection?


Please address your concerns with your original surgeon expeditiously.  It sounds like you may have a post-operative abscess.



Gary R. Culberston, MD, FACS


This may be an infection of/or reaction to the suture if this is occurring at the incision line.  The important point is to to see your surgeon as quickly as possible for evaluation and treatment.  Often times an early problem that is addressed quickly can be resolved without leading to a more serious implant infection.  

Susan D. Vasko, MD, FACS


What you are describing is a fluid collection that could be an infection.  You need to see your plastic surgeon ASAP.  He/she might need to open the pocket, take cultures and possibly an MRI to make a proper diagnosis and a plan for treatment.


A painful lump which feels squishy could well be a breast abscess.  It is important that you see your plastic surgeon immediately for an examination and appropriate treatment which may be drainage and possibly antibiotic treatment.

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