Are breast implants after mastectomy possible in someone with Hidradenitis Suppurativa?


My mother has breast cancer and is looking to have a mastectomy. She was hoping to have implants post mastectomy but her plastic surgeon said he wouldn't do it since she has Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Why? Other options? Should we find a willing surgeon? She is even more devastated with this news.


The surgeon is being cautious.  They are looking at that condition as one that would increase the chance of an infection.  When placing any implant it is imperative to evaluate each patient for risk factors that would lead to an infection.  The options most suitable would be to use her own tissue.  The most common method in our practice is the DIEP flap which uses the skin and fat of the lower abdomen to recreate the breast.  You r mother would be a candidate if she has excess lower abdomen skin and fat.


Hydradenitis suppurativa is an infection of the sweat glands, and I assume it is in the axilla near the surgical site. That would increase the risk of surgical site infection. Every effort should be made to control the infection prior to surgery regardless of the method of breast reconstruction. Once controlled the chances of surgical site infection decreases and you would have the options in breast reconstruction

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