Can I get my breast implants removed without a lift?


I had silicone breast implants placed under the muscle at age 18.  I believe they were around 250 cc's, maybe a little smaller.  I am now 23 and want them removed.  I had almost no breast tissue (or body fat of any kind) when I got the implants - nowhere even near an A cup.  I've gained about 15 pounds since then and I can tell I have more breast tissue than I did before.  I don't want to get a breast lift, but I'm afraid of a deflated appearance.  Is it realistic to have the implants removed without a lift?


Of course I recommend a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon including the implant information and all imaging studies if they have been done.  As for removal of the device and the appearance, the smaller the implant the less you will notice.  You will therefore notice a change of 250cc's because it is at least a cup size.


At your age, you should have good skin elasticity.  Therefore, your skin should shrink after removal of your old breast implants.  Of course, gravity will be pulling on the breast tissue and the scar holding the breasts flat will not be very strong for a number of months.  Therefore, you will need to keep your breasts supported against gravity very well for that time to allow the breasts to heal in a contracted, normal position.  Once you have a strong enough scar, in about 6-9 months, you can make the decision if you need a breast lift or not.  With relatively small breast implants like you have and again, at your age, you will most likely do well, unless you have some other problem you have not mentioned.


Breast Implant Removal without a Lift – It depends entirely on the size of your implants, how much ptosis, and the position of your nipple (whether it is above or below your inframammary fold).  Most of the time, if your nipple is above the inframammary fold then you won’t need a lift. You can remove or decrease the size of your implants and if you already have breast ptosis or if your nipple is below the inframammary fold, then you would benefit from a breast lift when your implants are removed.


There are many changes that occur after breast augmentation with breast implants.  There are more changes when the implant is under the muscle, where the muscle is released and had retracted up.

Removal of implants requires removal of the capsules, to prevent non-adherance of the capsule and filling with fluid.  The released muscle is now stuck in higher position on the overlying breast tissue and needs to free the muscle and reattachment to the chest wall. This may require some release of the breast tissue.  Also the implant can cause some thinning of the breast tissue.

Consult a Board Certified plastic surgeon for examination and discussion of all your options and expectations.




The facts that you are young (with presumably better skin elasticity) and have smaller implants are in your favor in avoiding a breast lift. If your nipple remains above the inframammary fold, you should be able to get by without a lift.  

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