Breast lift or breast reduction to correct asymmetry?


I have uneven breasts. The left is larger and droopier than the right and the left nipple is about a half inch larger than the right nipple; it is also lower because of the droop. I wear 36DD but my left breast is always trying to pop itself out because of the unevenness. Would I be a better candidate for a breast reduction or a breast lift, or would it entirely depend on an examination to be sure?


It would be best do an examination and determine your options.


I think you may be a good candidate for an assymetrical breast reduction/lift.this would even out your breast size.I would go to a board certified plastic surgeon.


To correct uneven breasts where there is droop present, there are a number of options. If one breast is too large and the other a desirable size, then reduction of the larger one (This includes a lift.) and a lift of the normal sized one would work If both are too large, then a bilateral reduction would be the choice. A lift of the larger and augmentation/lift of the smaller if the larger were the proper size would be the proper option. If both are too small, then an augmentation/Mastopexy (lift) with different sized breast implants would be the procedure of choice. From your description, it sounds as if a bilateral reduction or a reduction of the larger and lift of the smaller would be best. See a Plastic Surgeon with experience in all these options and discuss your desires.


There are a variety of surgical procedures or combinations which include reductions, lifts, and/or implants that can produce good results in patients with breast asymmetries. Following the advice of anyone who would presume to tell you what to do without taking a full medical history, examining you, assessing your tissue tone, discussing your desired outcome and fully informing you about the pros and cons of each option would not be in your best interest. Find a plastic surgeon that you are comfortable with and one that you trust and listen to his or her advice. The plastic surgeon should be certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).

Robert Singer, MD  FACS

La Jolla, California

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