Breast Lift with Removal of Implants/ Cost?


About 5 years ago I had a breast lift.  Due to the heaviness of my breasts, the doctor said it would be best to have implants placed in to help keep the breasts in place.  I was already a large breasted girl naturally.  With the implants, I am a full DD-E cup.  I never wanted to go larger.  I am now sick of shopping for specialty bras and can't wear an average swimsuit.  I have to buy shirts that are too big so they fit around my bust, and then have them altered.  This is troublesome to me.  I would like to have the implants removed and I am positive I will need another lift and maybe a reduction to try to tighten up my skin.  I'm just wondering how much I am looking at spending.  I believe that my initial surgery was around $3,500.00 total.  I hear that breast implant removal is a little cheaper than getting the implants.  Any information and advice would be helpful so I know exactly what questions to ask my surgeon during a consultation.

Thank you.


What you need is removal of your breast implants, capsulectomy and lift (or reduction, depending on how much smaller you desire to be).  This is much more complex than the original, partially because of the scar from the last surgery.  The cost will be determined by exactly what you need.  The best way to have all of your questions answered is with a full consultation by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with significant experience in revision breast surgery.


Choosing the right surgeon is your first priority -  a Board Certified plastic surgeon (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

You need to know exactly what type of lift you had at your first surgery.  Get the medical records with the operative notes.

Then it is removal of the implants with partial capsulectomy and a breast lift/reduction.

Choose your surgeon based on qualifications and your trust, not based on financial cost.  You need to understand the exact surgery proposed, the scars, and any complications that might occur.



While cost is an important factor in consideration,  having the right procedure performed properly is the most cost effective, and therefore, the price should not be the deciding factor.

No one can answer your question properly without first having done a physical exam to know precisely the anatomy issues  of your problem, as well as have a thorough discussion with you about your concerns.

Then the treatment options and their costs can be determined.  For example, a breast implant removal and breast lift vs implant exchange to a smaller size with or without capsulectomy, and a breast lift will have a difference in cost because of the differences in the procedures, variations in surgeon fees in the same areas, and particularly if comparing different areas of the country. 

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Revision breast surgery is dependent on several factors that have to be evaluated for each patient.   A simple removal of implants can leave a patient with a situation that is worse than the initial problem.  You should be seen and examined by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  They can best guide you in this process.


First of all, you need to do a little research.  Are your implants over or under the pectoralis major muscle?  If they are under, you may be able to have the implants removed and breasts lifted/reduced at the same time.  If they are over, you should probably have this done in two stages - implant removal first followed by lift/reduction - because of blood supply considerations.

Secondly, regarding cost, if you would require a significant breast reduction, you may be able to get insurance coverage for this portion of the procedure.  If you only require a lift or a minor reduction this is going to be self-pay.  OR time will be about 3-4 hours.  Self-pay cost in my area of the country would be about $5000 - rough ballpark figure.



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