I have size 36DDD breasts which have become saggy after having four children. I...


I have size 36DDD breasts which have become saggy after having four children. I would like to have a breast lift, but I love my breast size and I’m concerned that I would lose size or volume by getting a lift. Does this happen? Also, I have pierced nipples – can the surgeon work with this or would I have to get re-pierced after surgery?


As a plastic surgeon, certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, I appreciate the changes that occur to the breast after multiple pregnancies.  In general, it is possible to lift sagging breasts and maintain the approximate breast volume, assuming the skin has loosened.  The most important thing is the affect of a heavy breast on future sagging of the breast.  If the breasts are very heavy, the skin will stretch out and sag against the heavy weight of the remaining breast tissue.  I typically recommend that women find a breast size that matches their frame but also allows the breast to maintain a "perky" appearance.  If the breasts are sagging, typically due to heavy size, but the skin is not loose, the breast size must be reduced to allow for lifting of the breast.  Regarding the nipple ring, my patients are expected to remove the ring during the immediate surgery period, usually only 5 to 7 days.  It is possible that the piercing will close, but unlikely, requiring re-piercing.  On a side note, I usually recommend women get close to a reasonable weight for their height to allow for the best results.

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