Can I have one breast reduced?


Hello. My breasts are unequal. They are both too large, in my opinion; 38DD. Possibly DDD. However, one is considerably larger than the other. Do you ever reduce just one so that it better matches its partner? Also, I do not currently have health insurance. I will, starting this fall, however. Therefore, I am very concerned about the costs.



 Yes, you can certainly get one breast reduced to better match your other side. It is very common for large breasted women to have some breast asymmetry. In around 10 to 15% of very large breasted patients the asymmetry is greater than 2 cup sizes.  Please remember, breasts are sisters not twins.

 Most insurance carriers are most likely not going to cover surgery for breast asymmetry. It may be cheaper to have this type of procedure performed as a Aesthetic procedure. Package pricing is often available from members of the ASAPS. Best,


Gary R Culbertson, Md, FACS


You can reduce just one breast but with large breasts you typically reduce one and uplift or small reduction on the smaller breast so they are both even. It all depends on what you look like now. As for costs it varies by location. About 10K would be a realistic number. Insurance may not cover it right away if you get insurance anyway. Preexisting condition they call it.


Yes one can but is that what you want?  If you have large droopy breasts, would you want to do both at the same time to give yourself the best look?  If you are wanting insurance to cover this, you will have to see a doctor once your insurance is in place and does not disqualify you for 'pre-existing' conditions.  Often you have to have 3 months of documented issues as well.  As for doing this cosmetically, the prices will vary considerably from city to city with my fees (all inclusive) being less then $8000.

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