Will getting a Breast Reduction make the breasts look lifted?


I'm 19 and seriously considering a breast reduction. I was reading other Q&A's on here and began to wonder: If I get a breast reduction, will my breasts look like they're lifted or will they have actually lifted? I'm an H cup and want to go down to a DDD.


Well done breast reductions not only reduce the size of your breast but should also lift and shape them. You need to be a stable weight and an acceptable BMI.

C. W. Lentz, MD


The majority of breasts which are very large also hang down and the position of the nipple/areolar is below the level of the fold under the breast. The correct level of the nipple/areolar is at or slightly above the level of the fold under the breast. So when a breast reduction is done, not only is the breast made smaller, lighter and better shaped, but the nipple/areolar position is corrected and this results in the lift which you were asking about.

J. M. Darrow, MD

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