Should I get a breast reduction because I feel self-conscious?


I'm seventeen years old and I'm a 34D and I'm only a size UK 8. I really want to get a breast reduction because I'm very serious about dancing and having big breasts isn't exactly good for dancing and just gets in the way. They make me extremely self-conscious. So much that I can't even wear a bikini in public. In dancing I can't even wear the costumes I'm supposed to because I just cant take it and my breasts make me feel fat. Is it worth getting a breast reduction to a 32B?



 It sounds like you have already answered your own question. A better question might be “What are the long term consequences of having a breast reduction?”  You will have scars after surgery and the ability to breast feed at a latter date may be impaired. Pregnancy’s and extreme weight gain &/ or loss may require you to have additional breast surgery such as a repeat breast reduction or a breast lift ( mastopexy ). In terms of final breast size following a breast reduction we often like to think of patients as proportional to their body size or smaller than their body size. Based upon the figures you have provide a B cup would most likely be proportional to your body size.

 Consider a consult with one of the many members of the ASAPS. They are experts in Breast Surgery. You never know what you got till it is gone.  Best,


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Only you and your parents, unless you are independent of them, can answer your question regarding whether it is worth getting a breast reduction. You need a consultation to find out the risks, scars, etc., as well as the cost, since this will probably be a cosmetic reduction (not large enough for most insurance companies to pay for). Once you have this knowledge, you can make an informed decision. By the way, If you are a 34, you will remain a 34 unless you switch bra brands.


Breast Reduction at a Young Age - It is not unreasonable if your breasts are excessively large or out of proportion through your body habitus. A breast reduction at that age has a higher percentage of having to reduce the breasts later in life and especially after pregnancies. However, I think it is appropriate for those with either back pain or psychological problems to undergo a breast reduction at a young age because of pure ridicule as well.

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