Is breast reduction revision possible?


I had reduction from DDD to D 10 months ago (lollipop procedure). One breast has more weight/volume and is heavier than is comfortable. A 2nd opinion was to have the original doctor just lipo the larger breast in the OR vs office. He said the risks associated with revision surgery weren't warranted. I'm not sure this will solve problem - my breast is larger overall, although one side clearly has more weight. If I choose an overall reduction, can this be done without "re-doing" the nipple/areola?



 Sure, your surgery cab be revised. May I recommend you go by your original surgeons office and pick up copies of your History & Physical, Operative reports & any pre-operative photographs. Then take these materials/ data to a consult with a member of the ASAPS. They are experts in corrective/ revisional surgery. 



Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Revisions are always possible.  But before embarking on one, make sure it will produce the result that you desire.  If your breast tissue was fatty, liposuction will work.  If it was dense, liposuction will not work.  Your original surgeon has the advantage of knowing what was there and ideally, he/she would be best to have your revision done unless you are not communicating well anymore.  You do need to be evaluated in person to really know what can and cannnot be done.

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