Will breast reduction surgery leave me with a numb feeling and no sensation in the nipple area?


I want very much to have breast reduction surgery but I am concerned that it will leave me without feeling in the nipple area.  I've had past surgeries on my knee and also belly button (Gall Bladder) which have left a numb feeling in the surgical area.  I've heard that in the breast reduction procedure, the nipple is removed and then placed back on the breast.  Will this leave me with with a numb feeling and no sensation?


In most breast reductions the nipple is not removed, but, simply moved to a new location. There are some nerves to it cut in order to do this. Usually, however, most, or a great deal, of the sensation returns after about a year. I have done a large number of breast reductions over the years and never had anyone complain about sensation loss even though I have measured a decrease in the sensation. Talk specifically about your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon.

R.T. Buchanan, MD

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