If I have a breast reduction surgery can I receive another later without complications?


I'm a female to male pre-op trans man. I am a 36DD. I am not able to currently fund getting breast reduction or reconstruction. My parents have offered to pay for a breast reduction this winter, but only to go to a low C cup. They refuse to go any lower. If I agree to have the first surgery but will it affect my future ability to get breast surgeries? My goal is to be flat chested, and I don't want to risk my chances of getting what I need for transition in the future.


You are a transsexual from female to male. You are going through a huge change and change in your life. There is no room for negotiations with parents, partners or anybody except you and only you as an individual. My advice is to get into therapy with your parents, so they can understand and accept you as you are. After living the role in the desired sex for two years, then you can start the surgical changes you want. You as an individual need to make all the rules and decision in your life not anybody else.

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