My insurance company agreed to pay for my breast reduction but only if they remove...


My insurance company agreed to pay for my breast reduction but only if they remove one pound from each breast.  My question is how much is a pound in cup size?  I wear a size 36 DD. What size would I be after the surgery?


One pound is 453.59 grams.   A cup size is around 200 grams.  Bra size is notoriously inaccurate.  It would require an examination but this is a common method used by insurance companies to deny claims.  Although this scale is published, it has very little scientific merit.


A pound is 454 grams which is about three cup sizes.  That would make you about three cup sizes smaller.

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It is difficult to answer this because the weight is effected by the composition of your breast tissue.  The more fatty tissue in the breast, the lighter the tissue; therefore, more tissue would have to be removed to obtain the weight.  The more true breast tissue, it is heavier, and less volume would have to be removed.  You should visit with your surgeon and request he/she to show you in front of a mirror the size that may result by removing the 500 grams (one pound). This can give you a reasonable idea of resulting size.  Remember cup size should never be promised - different bra companies sizes all vary!


One pound is about 450 grams.  Dr. Paule Regnault, a plastic surgeon who has studied this matter in some detail, offers a general estimate for a 36" chest - your breasts will diminish by one cup size for every 200 grams that are removed. 

It is thus estimated that 450 grams will reduce your breasts by two cup sizes.



One pound is 2200 grams. That is quite a bit per breast and does not sound correct.  Because breast tissue is composed of both fibrous and fatty tissue the volume of that one pound will vary depending on the composition of the breast tissue.  It is impossible to predict cup size accurately with breast reduction.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to show you pictures of breast reductions and how much was removed from each to give you some idea of what each amount looks like.

I would check on that number again because it really seems unreasonable.

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Usually this means 500 grams needs to be removed per side.  This would equate to roughly 2 1/2 cup sizes in volume.  However, this may not mean you will be reduced by 2 1/2 cup sizes in the bra you wear.  In part, this will depend on the brand and style of bra you wear.  Just like your dresses or shoes, you may wear different size bras.

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