I am 18 years old and have problems with the weight of my breasts. At what age can I...


I am 18 years old and have problems with the weight of my breasts. At what age can I consider having breast reduction surgery?


There are several reasons to consider breast reduction at age 18.  One is that the breasts are considered fully grown and aside from changes related to weight, hormones, or pregnancy, the size and weight of the breasts are generally fully apparent. 

Another is that at age 18 you can sign your own consent form and not have to depend on a parent to sign consent.

Also, breast reduction can be done with techniques that have a minimum of risk of disturbing breast function or sensation and often with less incision scars than used in the past. 

Women younger than 18 can consider this procedure but unless the problems are extreme, waiting until age 18 is often wise. 

Scott Replogle, M.D., FACS
Boulder, CO


Breast reduction surgery may be indicated in appropriately selected patients, and at age 18 you may wish to obtain a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. You should only decide upon proceeding with surgery once you fully understand all aspects of the surgery, placement of scars, and possible complications.

Olivia Hutchinson, M.D.
New York, NY


My criteria for reduction surgery in your age group is that there be minimal change in the breast volume for a period of six months.  If your breast volume has been stable over this period of time, you are a candidate for the surgery now.



You have a very common problem.  There are many women who have macromastia (large, heavy breasts).  You can try to lose weight and see if the breasts become smaller.  If your weight is fine then you can consider breast reduction surgery.  This procedure can be done at any age if you are aware of the potential risks and complications.  Some women will not be able to breast feed after this procedure and some women will lose the sensation in their nipples after this procedure.  You can meet with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss these issues and to see if this procedure is right for you.

Dr Jay H. Ross

Jay H. Ross, M.D., FACS - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Palm Harbor, FL


Woman can undergo breast reduction surgery virtually at any age but each case must be individually evaluated by a plastic surgeon.  I have performed breast reduction on women as young as 16 and as old as 70 with good results.  You, as a young woman, need to realize that your breasts will change over time whether it be from weight changes, future pregnancies, etc.  I would recommend that you seek consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can review your medical history, examine you, and discuss the procedure with you to include the anticiapted benefits, alternatives and potential risks and complications.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Edwards


Breast reduction can be completed when your growth has stabilized.  In women this is typically by 16. However, this can be effected by weight gain and loss and should not be done until your weight remains stable for around 6 months.  This has the potential to interfere with nursing and you should be aware of this.  See the following video for more details on this: www.youtube.com/watch

For milder cases without significant ptosis (sagging) you could consider liposuction. See the following video for an example of liposuction breast reduction. www.youtube.com/watch

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