I had a breast reduction bringing me from a G cup down to a DDD. I have dense heavy...


I had a breast reduction bringing me from a G cup down to a DDD. I have dense heavy breasts and have gained some weight making my breasts large again. What is the risk of having liposuction done? Will the scar tissue interfere from the previous reduction surgery?


The most important issue at the present time is to control your weight.

You need to address your weight issue and be on a weight loss program.  Once your weight is stable, then you can explore your options.

Liposuction breast reduction is possible after prior breast reduction surgery and repeat breast reduction surgery is also possible.  However right now you need a weight control program.

See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, involve your internist and a dietician.  Good luck.



Liposuction can be a very effective tool for reducing breast volume.  Scar tissue can affect the success of liposuction, but in general, should not significantly affect the ability of liposuction to reduce the size of your breast.  In my personal experience, I have used ultrasonic assisted liposuction to remove as much as 4 pounds of fat from each breast. Liposuction can be very successful, even in fibrous tissue.

You indicated your breast size increased with weight gain.  Your weight will be a consideration as part of your surgical planning. 

All surgery does carry inherent risks.  In general, the incidence of complications is less common with liposuction than other surgery.  Dense tissue may increase the risks of liposuction, but not likely to an unacceptable level.

Discussion of the risks vs benefits of surgery will be part of your discussion with your surgeon.

Good luck!


Although liposuction is an option for breast reduction surgery, there are limitations.  Liposuction is good at removing the fat from the breasts but not for removing "dense heavy breast tissue."  The other limitation is the ability of the skin to retract.  Significant volume reduction by liposuction may lead to lax skin and somewhat low lying breasts.

I would consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss all your options.  With education and understanding you will make the decision that is right for you.

Good luck.


The quick answer is maybe.  Breasts are made up of glandular tissue, fatty tissue and skin. If  a significant portion of your DDD breasts are made up of fat then liposuction may be able to give you further reduction in size.  The nice thing about reducing the size this way is that it can be done through smaller incisions.  The fact that your breasts are dense may signify that they are mostly glandular and liposuction will probably not be that effective.  The other thing to consider when having liposuction to reduce your breasts is in regards to the skin envelope and sagging.  If there is too much skin or the skin is not very elastic, then you may still need a formal breast reduction.  The fact that you had a previous reduction though, means that you already have incisional scars so you will not be adding scars to your breasts.  


Liposuction is difficult to perform when the breast tissue is very dense.  It works better in fattier breasts.  Significant liposuction of the breasts may also result in sagging skin, as it does not result in significant skin tightening.  The best option at this stage may be to try and lose some weight and see if that does not have a positive effect on your breast size. A secondary breast reduction can be done to reduce your breasts further if that does not help.

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