I have one breast that is much more larger than the other.  Is it possible to...


I have one breast that is much more larger than the other.  Is it possible to have a Breast Reduction where only one breast is reduced and the other breast is left totally alone without any surgery to it?


The short answer is yes, you can have surgery on the larger breast to reduce the size and try to achieve symmetry.

However, to get a better symmetry, it might be more advisable to operate on both breasts to achieve a better symmetry in size and lift.

The right approach is to have a full examination by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and discuss all options available to you in your particular case.


To produce more symmetry, you can have one breast reduced.  It will look more symmetric, but you shouldn't expect complete symmetry.  Also, keep in mind when you do a breast reduction, there are scars.  These fade over time. 


It is very possible to have a Breast Lift/Reduction to make your breasts look more alike. It is impossible to tell however if this can be done without a physical exam and history taken. Personally, I find this approach better by far than placing an implant as with weight gain and loss, an implant will not change, and you may continue being asymmetrical.  Having your breasts maintain the same volume keeps them more alike as changes in weight and laxity of the skin and breast happens, as the years go by. Sometimes it is preferable to equalize both sizes to match them better in shape and nipple height. This all depends on the physical exam. Visit an ASAPS surgeon in your area for a consultation.  Good luck!


Yes, that can be done.  Asymmetry between the breasts can be corrected by a breast reduction on one side.  This is done either for cosmetic patients or reconstructive patients after partial mastectomy on the other side.

Other options include a lift on one side, and an implant on the other, or any combination.

If there is only minimal droop the breast might be reduced by liposuction alone.  If there is a degree of ptosis (droop or sag), then skin tightening is done by shaping with either a T shaped incision or a vertical "lollipop" type of incision.



 It is possible to have a one sided breast reduction.  However, since perfect symmetry and equal shape are difficult to predict, you may (or may not) require some modification of the smaller breast shape or size. 


This is absolutely possible. It is, in fact, a very good way to achieve symmetry in both volume and shape between each of the breasts. In some cases it is even possible to reduce the volume of the larger breast with liposuction alone, although if there is a significant difference in nipple position an accompanying mastopexy and/or surgical breast reduction may be the best option. One thing to be aware of is that if a breast reduction is carried out to reduce the larger side to match the smaller breast, then both breasts will be the size of the smaller one.  If you are happy with this size then that is great. If, however, you think this will be too small for you then you may consider adding an implant to each side. In that way both breasts can be the exact size you want.  In my opinion, it is preferable, when there is a significant volume difference between the breasts and implants are being added, to first reduce the larger breast and add the same size implant to each side. (This can be done at the same surgery.)  I believe that this is better than placing different sized implants on each side to compensate for volume differences. I believe that it is easier to achieve symmetry both in the short term and the long term if both implants are the same size and the amount of breast tissue on each side is nearly the same as well.



Absolutely.  Depending on the configuration and shape of each of your breasts, your surgeon can tailor your operation to fit your needs exactly.  Asymmetry of the breasts is relatively common, although usually this is a relatively subtle finding. Other options for obtaining symmetry might include breast augmentation of the smaller breast, or augmentation of the smaller breast combined with a breast lift for the larger side.

Matt Concannon, MD


It is possible to reduce only the larger breast, but that may not produce the best symmetry.

To get the optimal result, your surgeon will want both sides to be even in size and shape.  Depending upon the shape of the smaller breast, your surgeon may recommend just reducing the larger breast or may suggest some reshaping of the smaller breast for better symmetry.

Paul C. Zwiebel, M.D., DMD, FACS - View Other Answers by this Doctor
Highlands Ranch, CO


If you are happy with the shape and size of the smaller breast, I would recommend lift and reduction on the larger breast. This will help at the beginning, but your breasts will age differently. As long as you are aware and understand that you may need to get revision surgery later, that be fine.

The other option is to get liposuction to reduce the size, if your breast shape and nipple position are not very different from each other.


It is definitely possible to have surgery only on one breast and not the other.  Breast reduction can reduce the larger breast to better match the smaller breast.  However, to get the best symmetry, we often perform surgery on both breasts to get better symmetry of size, shape or position of the nipple.  The other breast may have breast augmentation or breast lift (mastopexy).  Operating on both breasts is not required and will depend on the differences that exist between your breasts.  Speak with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who can examine you and review the options that best fit your needs.  Good luck! www.ganchi.com


Yes,  a Breast Reduction where only one breast is reduced can be done, and is a common approach for this problem.

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You have a couple of options, either reducing the one breast, even with lipoosuction alone or enlarging the other breast.  Watch my videos and get more information at my website (wwww.surgery-plastic.com).

Dr. Domanskis

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