I want to have a breast reduction. I understand that I will need a physical...


I want to have a breast reduction. I understand that I will need a physical examination and blood work before this surgery. Exactly what will the blood work be checking for?


Before any major surgery a complete blood work-up including a CBC and Comprehensive Chemistry Profile will confirm the general health of the patient.  Depending on the previous history of the patient, additional blood work may be needed such as liver function and kidney function tests.  An EKG and chest x-ray will also be needed to make sure all organ function is normal and sufficient for major surgery and anesthesia medications.  A simple blood count will tell if there is any infection, blood disorder, anemias, etc. that have not been previously detected.  Follow the directions of your doctor and cut no corners.


It is routine to have a Complete Blood Count (CBC ) test done prior to surgery. This test provides an overview of a patient's general health.  It checks your white blood count, which will show if there is any infection present, and red blood count,  which will show if a patient is anemic.  Depending on your physical examination and medical history, your surgeon may determine to run additional tests. This is all to ensure your safety for your surgery.


Preoperative lab work is important to help identify any medical problems that may need to be addressed which will prepare you to safely have your elective cosmetic surgery under optimum circumstances, and to assure that you are in good health.

The lab tests will vary according to your individual medical history, state and local requirements.  Depending on your age and medical history they may include blood counts, liver function tests, pregnancy test, EKG, and chest X-rays.

Your doctor can discuss with you the tests required in your case.

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