How long is the healing process for breast reduction?


How long is the healing process for breast reduction?


The initial healing for breast reduction surgery is generally about 10-14 days. By two weeks, most of the significant swelling and bruising have gone away, and the incisions have healed well enough for the stitches to be removed. I usually recommend to my patients that they should not do any heavy lifting or vigorous upper body exercise for about 3-4 weeks after surgery, to be on the safe side, but this can vary. Many of my patients have returned to work duties by a week or two after the operation. Most patients are fully recovered and back to all activities by 6 weeks after surgery, at the latest. Fortunately, most patients find that the surgery causes less discomfort than they expected, and most also find that the back, neck and shoulder pain that led them to undergo breast reduction surgery tends to decrease almost immediately. As with any breast surgery, final shaping and scar change may take a few months to almost a year.

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