I am 18 years old. My breasts are size 34DD. They hang and are extremely...


I am 18 years old. My breasts are size 34DD. They hang and are extremely disproportional with the rest of my body. I have back pain and dents in my shoulders from them. I would like to know about breast reduction surgery and if I could go down to a full C with it. I’m married and plan to have children in the near future. Will this surgery in any way affect my ability to breastfeed?


A breast size of 34DD is often associated with back pain, dents in the shoulders, and the other characteristics you describe. Patients with these symptoms usually are appropriate candidates for breast reduction surgery. A thorough consultation including assessment of your overall health status, body-mass index, psychological profile, and physical findings would offer the plastic surgeon an opportunity to make a more definitive recommendation. It is often possible to go down to a C-cup, though it depends on a number of factors. Though attempts are made to disrupt the breast ductal system as little as possible during surgery, there are certain unavoidable risk factors that any patient must understand before surgery. Impairment of lactation and loss or change in breast sensation, for example, are both well-documented risks.

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