My breasts are droopy and low, what can I do?


I'm only 22 and my breasts are very big and saggy. They have no life to them, they're just droopy and low. What can I do?


If your breasts are large and heavy, the weight of them could be contributing to the sagginess. You could consider a breast reduction to decrease the size and weight of the breasts and at the same time they would be lifted on your chest. The nipple complex could be raised and the areolas could be reduced. If you’re having neck and shoulder pain from the weight of the breasts, this too may be improved depending upon how much breast tissue is reduced.

You’ll need to consider this option carefully because the surgery will leave some scars on the breasts. These scars tend to heal well and would be covered by any clothing you would wear in public. The vast majority of women are extremely pleased with the results of a breast reduction. It becomes easier to find clothing that fits comfortably, sporting activities become easier and of course the load on the neck and shoulders is reduced.

Long term support of the breasts will help maintain the results you get from surgery. Wearing a properly fitted bra that supports the weight of the breasts (especially if and when you may become pregnant) will reduce the effects of gravity over time.

Consult a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss all your options.

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