Will the bruising go away?


I had my upper lips done with Juvederm filler 8 days ago to fill wrinkle lines. I still have significant bruising all over my mouth. Will this go away? Is it common? Is it caused by the technique she used? I can't go anywhere because it looks like I got beat up. I'm very worried it's not going away.


Bruising after having upper lips "done," varies depending upon exactly what was done.  If you had the philtrum and vermilion border done using a blunt cannula, bruising is generally much less.  However, if you had individual lines injected, this has to be done with a sharp needle, and frequently loses more.  Any significant bruising lasts 10 days to 3 weeks.  However, this can almost always be covered with camouflage makeup.  Many physicians doing facial surgery and procedures offer camouflage.  Asking the person that did your injections does so and if not see someone else who can provide you with such until the bruising totally resolves.


Sometimes this is completely normal, you can put ice over the area and in a few days it will disappear. Don't worry about it because we have small blood vessels around and they can bleed.

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