What can be done for bulges from silicone bags folding over after breast augmentation?


Is using Belladerm the only choice to fixing bulges after breast augmentation surgery?  My doctor wants to charge me for another surgery to fix the bulging problem.


The use of Artificial Dermis for the correction of Folds, Wrinkles and Capsular Contracture can be a definitive treatment. It is very difficult to answer your question without photographs or an examination. If you have concerns and desire a second option then, request a copy of your operative report from your surgeon. Take this data with you when you go for a second opinion. May I suggest a member of the ASAPS. They are experts in revisional cosmetic surgery.


Gary R Culbertson, MD, FACS


Answering this question accurately would require a formal evaluation to determine the exact cause of the bulging. If the implants are above the muscle converting them to below the muscle will resolve some of the bulges in the upper pole of the breast. Fat transfer to the breast can minimize the appearance of bulges if the upper pole of the breast is thin. The dermal tissue you mentioned is another good option for repairing bulges when the tissue is thin and support is needed.

Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to help you better understand your options. I hope this was helpful.

R.W. Kessler, MD


Visible skin deformities caused by folding of breast implants can often be treated successfully with fat injection. Personally I would not use dermal fillers. fat is more natural, is available in larger volumes, and has a consistency similar to normal breast fat tissue.

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