Will buttock implants reshape my bottom as well as augment it?


I would like to have a more fully rounded bottom. Do buttock implants involve and improve shaping as well as augmenting the buttock area.  Currently my bottom is saggy - will implants take care of this?  Also, would there be any cellulite issues to be concerned about?  Can you give me an approximate cost of this procedure?


We have three general options for buttock augmentation:

1. fat injections

2. implants

3. rearranging local tissues to augment the area

Depending on your body habitus, how much fat you have, and what your goals are, your ASAPS plastic surgeon can help you decide what is best for you. Implants will help take up some loose skin but if it is significant, you may require it to be surgically removed or cut out. Cellulite will not necessarily be changed unless directly addressed with fat grafting and release. Costs may range from $5-10K.

J.M. Kenkel, MD


Buttock implants are the most effective means to achieve increased buttock projection (size). I often combine buttock implants, which I recommend placing intramuscular, with liposuction and fat injections to achieve further buttock shaping. Cost for the procedure ranges between $5,000 and $10,000.

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